What does shark poop look like?

Sharks poop
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It depends on essential factors, including shark food, species, living environment, etc. Due to these factors, shark poops both in liquid and solid form and their poop color is greenish or sometimes yellow.

Though sharks are hard to study, scientists do a lot of research to understand their whole lifestyle.

We will expound on sharks’ type, food categories, and how shark food can affect their poop’s color, smell, etc. If you have a deep interest in shark poop, please read the article gingerly. You will surely be an expert after reading this.

What do Shark poop look like?

Shark’s poop is initially liquid but depending on their diet, sometimes they poop in a solid form too. Sharks have several types and most of them are carnivorous.

As a result their poop mainly consists of some undigested elements like- teeth, scales, skins, and bone which come from their prey.

However, Scientists research shark poop in various ways. In fact, whale shark poop is marked as  “scientific gold” by scientists in the study period.

In fact, They collect many waste elements and residual DNA from the poop for analysis. This experiment helps them to find out the food categories that sharks actually ate.

Besides, scientists have detected some dangerous elements in shark feces. It is “microplastic waste” which may be coming from shark food when they digest plastic products.

In other words, it could happen when the shark was feeding fish in the seawater. As we know, seawater contains a lot of waste products like plastic. During eating, as the shark breathes it passes into the shark’s stomach.

Finally, you can say that shark diets are highly responsible for what the poop looks like. Some sharks are considered to be apex-predator such as- great white shark, tiger shark whereas whale sharks are known as filter feeders.

Now, let’s see how shark poops can vary according to their diet.

Shark speciesCharacteristicFood categoriesPoop looks like
Great white sharkAggressive predators.

Famous fish spices


They have large sharp teeth.

They use their teeth for eating, not for chewing.

They use their teeth for snagging prey and swallow it whole.

Large capacity U-shaped stomach.
Hence, they are carnivores, mainly eating large fish and marine mammals.

They also include in their diet-

Sea lions
Sea turtles
Smaller shark
They have green cloud feces which mix into green bile and yellow bilirubin.

These enzymes actually help to break down the shark’s food.

Shark’s feces adds nutrients to the water as cow manure adds manure to the soil.
Whale shark

Largest fish species which is 60 feet long and weighs more than 15 tons.

Filter feeders.

They have large mouth approximately  four feet wide,

Though they have rows and rows of tiny teeth but they don’t use their teeth for chewing.

During swimming, they collect food with their large mouth and then force it to pass away to the stomach.
Though they are large in size, they don’t eat large fish.

They eat a high quantity of small fish and plankton.

A scientific study has shown that a whale shark needs minimum 21 kg plankton in a day.

Moreover, they also consume-

Small fish
During swimming, they wriggle and excrete a cloud of feces.

As they are mainly vegetarian so their poop looks green actually.

In fact, green bile also mixes in it which results in green poop.
Tiger shark

They are apex predators.

They can eat anything which makes them famous.

They are unconscious of their eating.
Just let their stomach digest the food but if it fails they can invert their stomach just like a plastic bag.
Usually, they eat large amounts of fish, birds, mammals, and crustaceans.

They also eat-

Marine birds
Small shark

Their digestion system is almost similar to great white sharks.

They also excrete large green poop.

There are some essential enzyme that helps to digest food,

What color is shark poop?

Well, generally, shark poop looks yellow or green, but Dove claimed that it is almost closer to green. Dove surmised, Maybe seawater is responsible for this discoloration.

But, Sincerely speaking, poop color mainly depends on the digestion process. Shark food contains muscle and blood pigments which combine with green bile to break down the food properly. Thus the green color is produced.

On the other hand, the yellow color arises from bilirubin when red blood cells have fallen off. However, waste products that come from shark livers are also responsible for this shade.

Apart from it, when a shark poops underwater, the color may change due to the water depth. So, it is hard to determine the actual color in deeper water.

Why is shark poop green?

Shark poop is likewise a cloud of feces. When shark feces are mixed with green bile, it excretes green poop. Usually, shark food contains muscle and blood pigmentation, and green bile helps to break them.

Moreover, green pigmentation bile plays a significant role in digestion, resulting in greenish poop.

How does shark poop smell?

Usually, shark poop smell is narrated as “An unholy mingling of fart and finishes.” It’s almost similar to the scent that whale sharks produce.

However, Whale sharks are filter feeders and eat small fish, larvae, plankton, krill, etc. In the mixture, add digestive juice, and you will get the smell. Unfortunately, whale sharks don’t digest their food correctly.

Do sharks poop through their skin

No!Not exactly!

Sharks don’t poop through their skin, even though they don’t pee conventionally. There is a saying shark urinate continuously through their skin.

Generally, shark urine is soaked up their flesh and removed through their skin. Urea is a food waste product, and sharks produce it in their liver. Later, they deliver urea to their tissue to keep their bodies hydrated in the saltwater area.

However, a large saltwater concentration would remove all necessary water from sharks’ bodies. That’s why urea is highly needed to prevent their bodies from dehydration.

Are sharks attracted to poop?

Yes! Human poop, urine, and seawater waste can attract and excite sharks. Human blood and some other elements mix, which can attract sharks.

Human poop consists of some blood vessels. It mainly comes from the breakdown of food elements in the human body, where hemoglobin helps to break them.

On the other hand, despite having nostrils, sharks can not breathe through them. But they have a powerful sense of smell by which they can smell anything in the water.

In case of that, women should avoid swimming when menstruating. Even swimmers should not swim in the ocean with bleeding or other injuries.


We have tried to point out everything about shark poop as much as possible.

So, are you clear about what shark poop looks like?

Usually sharks poop includes the combination of blood, muscle and some essential enzymes which helps to break down the food. As they have different feeding habits and digestive system, it causes a great change to their poop.

If you still have any confusion, please read the whole article carefully. Definitely. You will get your desired information, what you actually need.

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