How do Whales Communicate – Everything You Need to Know

How do Whales Communicate

Whales are one of the many fascinating beings of the sea world. They are massive in size, calm, and really beautiful as well. But ever wondered about how do whales communicate with each other under the water? They mostly use noises to communicate with various noises, whistles, and even calls, which are quite fascinating. But … Read more

Do Sharks Eat Whales?

Do Sharks Eat Whales

Sharks are cold-blooded carnivorous fish. Sharks live in oceans and seas all over the world. Sharks have fins and gills, which aid them in breathing underwater. Sharks have been in existence for close to 400 million years. In the sea’s population, there are over 500 species of sharks. Sharks come in different sizes. The smallest … Read more

What Do Whales Eat?

What Do Whales Eat

Whales are warm-blooded sea mammals. This means that their body temperature does not change in water. Whales have lungs, which help them to breathe in water. They occasionally go to the water’s surface to breathe in oxygen.  Whales give birth to live young ones. Their young ones drink milk. Whales live in oceans all over … Read more

A Close Look at How Do Whales Sleep?

How do whales sleep

Whales are sea mammals. They are warm-blooded. Whales breathe in air and have lungs just like humans. There are ten main species of whales. These whales are further divided into two types: baleen whales and toothed whales. Some of the whales commonly known include Blue whale, Fin whale, Humpback whale, Right whale, Sperm whale, Sei … Read more

The Surprising Truth of Whether Do Whales Lay Eggs?

Do Whales Lay Eggs

The simple answer is no! Whales are sea warm-blooded mammals. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises give birth to live young ones. Whales breastfeed their young ones. Fish do lay eggs. Fish are cold-blooded. Fish do not breastfeed their young ones. After the eggs have hatched, the baby fish have to survive on their own. They live … Read more