About Us


I am a fisher lover for over 30 years. Born and raised in a small fishing village in Maine, he has been surrounded by the sport and lifestyle of fishing since a young age. My father would often go out together and catch lobsters and crabs for dinner, and he was also exposed to the joys of deep sea fishing.

I am McMan is a passionate fisherman and takes part in many competitions. He has won several awards for his catches and is recognized as a master of the sport. I am also a keen fly fisherman and often take part in fly-fishing competitions with friends. I love to write my experience on this website. I have written several books on the subject, including a guide to the basics of fishing, a collection of stories about his experiences, and a comprehensive guide to the best fishing spots in Maine. I am still living in my hometown and spend my free time fishing with friends, writing, and exploring the seas. I am a passionate advocate of sustainable fishing practices and is always looking for ways to further the sport of fishing.