Mulloway vs Jewfish | Comparing the Species

Mulloway and jewfish are two types of fish that are often confused for one another. Both mulloway and jewfish are members of the family Carangidae, which includes a number of other fish such as jacks, trevally, and pompano. So what are the differences between mulloway and jewfish?


First difference between Mulloway and Jewfish is the tail. The Jewfish tail is wide while the Mulloway tail is quite straight.

For starters, mulloway are a lot more common in Australia than jewfish. Mulloway are also smaller, with the average fish weighing in at around 10 kg and the largest one caught in Southern Australia was 42.5 KG. Jewfish, on the other hand, can grow to be almost  – some individuals have been known to reach over 45 kg!

Another key difference is that mulloway are silver in color, while jewfish are a dark grey or black. This is why jewfish are sometimes also known as black jewfish. Finally, the two fish also have different habitats.

Mulloway are a member of the bream family and can grow to over 2 metres in length. Jewfish, on the other hand, are members of the jack family and can grow to over 3 metres in length.


Mulloway tend to prefer estuarine and coastal waters, while jewfish are more commonly found in offshore reefs.

Another key difference between mulloway and jewfish is their diet. Mulloway feed on smaller fish, crustaceans and squid, while jewfish feed on larger fish, shellfish and octopuses.

The jewfish is a more popular fish to eat than the mulloway and is often sold in fish and chip shops. The mulloway is not as popular to eat but is still eaten by some people.

So there you have it – a few key differences between mulloway and jewfish. Next time you’re out fishing, make sure you know which one you’re after!

Is mulloway the same as jewfish?

There is some debate on whether mulloway and jewfish are the same species, with some believing that mulloway are a subspecies of jewfish. However, most experts believe that they are two distinct species. Mulloway are generally smaller and have a different coloration than jewfish.

Is jewfish a good eating fish?

From what I can find, Jewfish is considered a good eating fish. It is said to have a mild flavor with a firm texture.

Is mulloway a good eating fish?

There is divided opinion on whether mulloway is a good eating fish. Some people say that it has a strong, oily flavor that is not to their taste, while others find it to be a delicious, mild-tasting fish. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference.

Difference between black jewfish and silver jewfish? 

There are a few key differences between black jewfish and silver jewfish. For one, black jewfish tend to be smaller in size than silver jewfish. Additionally, black jewfish have a darker coloration, while silver jewfish are typically silver or white in color. Finally, black jewfish are found in deeper waters than silver jewfish.

Similarities between Jewfish and Mulloway

Besides differences there are some common features for-

The most obvious similarity between mulloway and jewfish is their physical appearance. Both fish have long, streamlined bodies and large mouths. They are also both predators, feeding on smaller fish and invertebrates.

Mulloway and jewfish are also similar in their life cycles. Both fish spawn in the open ocean, and their young spend their early life in estuaries and coastal waters. As they grow older, mulloway and jewfish move offshore to deeper waters.

Mulloway and jewfish. These are both popular fish species in Australia. Both are large, predatory fish that can be caught in both fresh and saltwater.


Though both of them look the same, still they have some differences. I have tried to mention all similarities and similarities between Jewfish and Mulloway. If you notice that I missed here you can share through the comment box, we will try to add it.


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