How to cut braided fishing line: easy helpful methods 

How to cut braided fishing line? Sometimes, even the most experienced anglers may face certain problems during fishing. You pick a fishing vest, prepare instruments, and go fishing. But then something may happen. And one of these issues is cutting braided fishing line which may be challenging and nervous.

Fortunately, it is not that complicated to cut braided fishing lines. With proper techniques and tools, cutting fishing line is going to be a process with no difficulties.

If you desire to learn how to cut braided fishing line, then this article is written for you.

how to cut braided fishing line
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5 main ways to cut braided fishing line

Now let’s take a look at several easy and efficient methods of cutting braided line without difficulties.

All the methods require special instruments which can help you with cutting braided line.

So, you should read the methods below, choose the one you like, purchase the required instrument beforehand, then use the method and try to cut braid with it.

Read about braided fishing line cutters carefully.

Use fishing pliers for cutting fishing lines

Several pairs of fishing pliers for different kinds of braided lines are one of the most useful options for anglers in any kind of situation. Most fishing pliers can cut braided lines, even stubborn super lines, quickly easily, without any problem. 

You can find the special cutters of the fishing pliers ground flat that cut braided lines with pressure. 

The only disadvantage of the angler’s pliers is that they can be broken after a short time of use, and you are going to have to purchase new ones or seek other opportunities. 

Otherwise, you can not cut braid.

Or you can just purchase high-quality pliers which are covered in Teflon and made of stainless steel. This can make them last longer. 

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Use the line cutters for cutting braided lines

Line cutters are made specifically for cutting fishing braided lines, and therefore you can expect that the line cutters are going to do it perfectly.

This kind of purpose-bult cutter doesn’t cost must and the line cutter is built of two serrated sharp blades which can also work as usual scissors but the line cutter is more efficient. 

The braided line cutter has no disadvantages, you can cut braid with a line cutter easily, so this is totally what you should purchase for fishing.

It definitely can cut fishing lines with its sharp blades. You just need to find the best line cutters, the great line cutter.

Use fishing scissors for cutting braided lines

The braid cutting scissors is one of the most obvious and many people may call it the best variant for cutting the line for fishing.

Usually, they use special purpose-built scissors that cut the braided line perfectly without complications. 

If you do not have purpose-built scissors, you can also use the usual scissors, just make certain that the blades are sharp enough.

Do not use dull scissors. Otherwise, you may just damage both the blades of the scissors and the braided line.

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Types of scissors for cutting braided fishing line

The best option of the braid scissors is the craft braid scissors, which are made specifically to be sharp and prevent any corrosion.

Another good option, besides craft scissors, is the microtip scissors that cut the fishing lines very well too, but they do not last very long. 

So, you should choose other braid cutters for cutting fishing line and any belt loop.

Use knife

Well, this is one of the variants that you can use only in situations when there is nothing else to use for cutting braid. A usual knife with a sharp blade can cut the braided line, but you have to be very careful during the process since it is very easy to accidentally cut yourself with a knife. 

Use nail clippers

Nail clippers are a good variant for you if it is the only thing you’ve got for cutting the braided line. They are sharp and useful enough to cut the line.

But do not expect them much: after a short period, they are going to become less and less useful until the moment when you are not going to be able to cut anything using them. 

So, you should use it once or twice, but the next time it is better to purchase a professional purpose-built cutter. Otherwise, you may have difficulties during fishing and the experience will not be joyful. 

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Several features of a qualified cutter 

There are several features that any good cutter should have, otherwise, it is not appropriate enough for cutting braid. Check them all up and then choose the cutter that can meet your needs for cutting braid. 

One of the most important features is the material. Usually, any good cutting instrument should be made of stainless steel, like most of the scissors.

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Stainless steel can prevent the instrument from corrosion for a long time, which makes them last longer. This is crucial in fishing and cutting braid. 

Another criterion is the sharpness, since if the blades are not sharp enough, then the braided fishing line will not be cut.

So, you definitely should pick the sharp scissors or other cutting instruments to make certain that the fishing lines are going to be cut properly, without complications. 

Your cutting instrument also should be well-designed and have good precision, so that the blades can slide right against one another without any gap. If there is a gap, then the scissors or any cutting instrument is not well-designed and is not going to last long, unfortunately,

When it comes to the size of the instrument, for instance, scissors, many people say that the size of two or four inches is the best for cutting braided lines. It is easy to use in fishing and gets underhand for cutting braid. 

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In conclusion, there are many options to use

As you can see now, it is not difficult to pick a proper cutting instrument to cut braided line. There are so many things that you can use and that do not cost much money: angler’s pliers, scissors, cutters from Boomerang Tool Company, line cutters, side cutters, and even nail clippers.

All you need is to choose the one that has sharp blades and definitely can last long. Then your fishing experience is going to be perfect and there will be no complications when you cut braided line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to cut braided line?

You need to get the knot of the line and the main line in a hand and after that get the tag end using another hand and put the cutting instrument, like a side cutters, just near the spot where you need to cut it. Be careful with the frayed ends.

After these actions, you have to pull the tag end using the hand with the main line. Then you should pull the braid into the spot where the blades of the cutter are situated and then snip it. 

This is the most efficient way of cutting braid cleanly. You can use craft scissors for this, for example.

How do you keep braided fishing line from fraying?

To keep the braided line from fraying, you need to prevent improper stacking and squeeze the braided line every time you reel it. Also, you need to be attentive and pile the fishing line properly. This short piece of advice is going to help you to prevent the line from fraying.

Why not to use braided fishing line?

Sometimes, braided line is not very good, for example, when you are fishing in clear water when it is not saltwater fishing, or you are more like tangles. This line is not very appropriate for fishing. If you are in such a situation, you should use the monofilament. 

How strong is 10lb braided fishing line?

It is not very strong if you desire to catch a big fish, since if the weight of the fish is more than twenty pounds, then the line can easily be broken. So, the fishing line is strong enough for small fish or a fish of medium size. Then the braided line will hold it long enough, and you are not going to have any problem with fishing.

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