15 Facts About Dolphins That Will Surprise You

15 Facts About Dolphins

Dolphins are fascinating beings and they never fail to surprise us. They can learn complex skills and repeat them whenever necessary. No wonder dolphins are the life of many circuses, pools, and even shows. 

In fact, people are quite familiar with the intelligence and talents of dolphins. But there are many things that most people don’t know, and they have a lot of fascinating characteristics.

Below, we’ll check out 15 Facts about dolphins that are pretty surprising and you should know about them. So, without further ado, let’s check them out.

15 Fascinating Facts About Dolphins

Let’s go over the 15 most surprising facts about dolphins that you might not know already. 

Dolphins never leave the sick or injured members on their own

If there’s one thing you need to know about dolphins, then it would be that they are very caring to their partners and group members. When a dolphin gets injured or sick, the others immediately gather to help it out. That is one of the most wholesome facts about these generous animals.

They are very intelligent animals

You might already know that dolphins are pretty intelligent according to scientific studies. They have been able to surprise us with their brain capability. It’s claimed that dolphins are the #2 on the intelligence list whereas human is the #1. That gives you a pretty decent idea about their level of intelligence.

Half of their brain stays awake during sleep

The next one might come across as weird facts about dolphins as they don’t shut down their brain completely while sleeping. Half of their brain is always awake even in their deepest sleep. That helps them to keep alert to potential dangers and threats in order to keep themselves safe in the sea world. 

Dolphins are extremely friendly 

You must’ve seen dolphins in many circuses, water parks, and many other attractions as they are the perfect animals for such a job. They are very friendly to humans and other animals, which makes them perfect animals for entertainment. 

They can count rhythm beats with accurate timing

The fact that dolphins can count rhythm beats perfectly is just fascinating. They have an internal metronome that allows them to keep track of beats and time signatures as well. It’s undoubtedly a bizarre natural skill, and only humans, parrots, and dolphins possess that skill to do it naturally. 

Their skin is extremely delicate

Dolphins have super delicate skin, which can get wounded or cut very easily. However, they do heal faster as well, and that balances out their survival skills as aqua animals. 

Dolphins stay with their mothers for a long time

One of the most fascinating facts about dolphins is that they love to stick with their mothers for a very long time. That can mean years before the dolphin is an adult and can live on its own. 

Their lifespan can be over 50 years

An average dolphin can have a lifespan of 17 to 50 years, which is pretty incredible. However, that depends on a whole bunch of stuff like food, living conditions, etc. Those things can have a huge impact on the lifespan of a dolphin. 

They can dive over 1,000 feet

If you think that dolphins are just surface-level divers, then you are terribly wrong. That’s because a dolphin can easily dive over a thousand feet, and that’s pretty fascinating. Many people don’t know this fact about dolphins that they are such deep divers. 

Dolphins never chew the food that they eat

Dolphins have 2 stomachs that they use to digest food and store food, which allows them to go longer without food. But a furthermore fascinating fact would be that dolphins never chew the food that they eat. They directly swallow it and it gets digested in the stomach. To know more check What Do Dolphin Eat.

43 species of dolphins have been identified

Although it’s next to impossible to tell certainly how many species of dolphins are out there, 43 species of dolphins have been identified so far. But the research team hasn’t quit the theory that there could be a whole lot more dolphin species that we don’t even know exist. 

Killer whales are actually huge dolphins

Speaking of dolphin species, big killer whales are actually the biggest dolphin species that have been identified. You can tell how the dolphin species are diverse in their size, form, and characteristics. And only time will reveal how many more species are out there in the deep seas. 

They can migrate if they don’t have food for a long time

As we mentioned earlier, dolphins have 2 stomachs and one of them is for storing food. So, if there’s a crisis for food, they can migrate, which is an excellent survival skill that can keep them alive in the sea for a very long time without any issues. 

Dolphins can remember names

You must’ve come across a dolphin on a circus or any show that has a name. In fact, dolphins are extremely good at remembering names and recalling them instantly. So, it’s very easy to give them names and they will learn very fast to adapt to that name. 

Baby dolphins drink milk from their mother

To finish off our list, we’ll talk about cute baby dolphins that stay with their mother for months and years. During that time, they drink the milk of their mothers to survive. Over time, they grow up to be adult dolphins and join the pack. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have checked out our 15 facts about dolphins, you should have a greater appreciation for these lovely creatures. They are in no way harmful to us and provide us with some of the best moments of our life by entertaining us.

It’s safe to say that with the amount of complexity they have in their brain, there are many more fascinating things we might find out in the future about dolphins. They are undoubtedly important, and we should take all the steps necessary to save them.

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